ARTE RETIREMENT RESORT in Scottsdale, Arizona - They leased me the "wrong apartment" and now they are evicting me over their mistake!

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I was admitted as a patient of Arte Retirement Resort Assisted Living in July 2012. I was shown one and only one apartment. A beautiful 2 bedroom with ample room for me and a Medically Necessary Caregiver to live with me.

Now new owners, Capstone VII, Scottsdale, an investment fund of The Reliant Group, headed by Jim Sherman, San Francisco and new management, Senior Lifestyle Corporation, Chicago are punishing me for refusing to move out of my apartment with a lease into a small under 500 sq. ft. cubbyhole.

The owner and management are refusing to bill my insurance, even though perhaps I was technically rented the wrong apartment, and my Care has been less then was ordered, my insurance says it will still process payment, ALL they need is a bill!

Instead of reaching a compromise or offering some sort of a solution that takes responsibility for their fraudulent behavior in renting, The Reliant Group, Senior Lifestyle Corporation, Chicago, and Arte Retirement Resort are insisting on an eviction trial, even though they know I suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and depression from being in constant pain following injuries sustained in falls at work six years ago.

Since this owner, The Reliant Group, and management company, Senior Lifestyle Corporation, took over June 15th, there has been a steadily increasing chorus of complaints regarding the quality, variety, and fitness of the food menu in the Dining Room.

There was a complaint to the County who was out inspecting the kitchen. Then, the State Department of Health conducted an all day, in depth analysis of Arte's conformance to the Assisted Living regulations.

The complaint spurring the State of Arizona investigation, focuses on several issues. The quality and safety of the food and dirty kitchen, as witnessed by me and my photos; the fact we in Assisted Living have regularly, with the company's blessing, been left alone without any Caregiver on the floor AT ALL, and Arte has regularly, in full knowledge and consent, if not direction, relied on it's SECURITY GUARDS TO PROVIDE EMERGENCY CARE WHEN THE SOLE CAREGIVER CLOCKS OUT AND LEAVES THE PROPERTY. Security guards that are in no way, Caregivers. They are allegedly instructed to tell a patient that rings their bell and it calls him back for someone needing help, while the Caregiver is gone, on their lunch, breaks, etc.

Then, there is my situation of being fraudulently misrepresented to, leasing a two bedroom, being told it is not a valid Assisted Living apartment, after they have collected over $80,000 of Insurance money under the billing code of Assisted Living- and rather than owning up to it's obligations, Arte is evicting me and seeking a huge judgment that friends have described as "punishment" for hiring an attorney to defend my rights and not be thrown to the curb without any compensation for the costs of moving in or moving out.

One is the food that some are complaining is making them ill. Food that includes out of country meat that the US Government has issued warnings about repeatedly. Specifically this is frozen chicken from Chile, pumped up with chemicals, and batches of regularly found with heavy amounts of Dioxins, not typically found in the US and by many, just not acceptable safe food to consume, despite the fact it "helps the budget".                                                                                                           

Monetary Loss: $80000.

  • The Reliant Group
  • Capstone VII
  • Jim Sherman



Senior Lifestyle was engaged to Manage Arte effective June 2013. As part of the transition our team completed a regulatory audit to ensure compliance with city, state and federal regulations.

As a result several changes were required in order to bring the community into compliance with regulations and to ensure the safety and security of the residents. We take these matters very seriously and are committed to delivering the highest quality of care and services to our residents.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to learn more about our community.

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